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Ayyeka’s Wavelet offers a cyber-secure, autonomous, and comprehensive solution of all the hardware and software required for remote infrastructure monitoring.
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After defining the customer’s needs, sensors are pre-integrated with the Wavelet platform which is then ready for plug-and-play installation onto existing infrastructure. Collected data can be stored on Ayyeka’s secure private cloud server, or be integrated directly into the client’s servers. 

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Commercially available
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Business cases

Case Study: Remote Wastewater Monitoring in San Francisco

SIGFOX and Ayyeka Partner with SFPUC


Remote Wastewater Monitoring

Ayyeka’s recently installed smart sewer network pilot program demonstrates the efficacy of smart cities and adaptation of Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) technologies. The parties involved include the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), provider of drinking water, wastewater and power services to San Francisco’s one million residents, Ayyeka, Israeli IIoT technology company, and SIGFOX, wireless low-power communication network provider.    

SFPUC was alerted to saltwater infiltration into their sewers as when measuring higher levels of conductivity. They wanted to be able to detect changes in sewer water level and conductivity in real-time. In October 2016, the SFPUC installed a pilot of Ayyeka’s SIGFOX enabled devices. The installation took place right near Pier 1 in San Francisco, which as the northern tip of Silicon Valley, is the ideal location for a smart city pilot project.   


With cyber secure, low-power Ayyeka devices installed, SFPUC was able to see the correlation between conductivity spikes and high tide conditions. SFPUC was able to set alerts to monitor the wastewater quality, get minute-by-minute notifications, and ensure regulatory compliance, in turn reducing labor costs and providing a reliable, low-cost, accurate data stream.   

By combining cellular communication with SIGFOX’s low-power communication technology, Ayyeka's Wavelet transforms the way dispersed assets are monitored. Wavelet is simply utilizing the best of both worlds; generating data from remote assets, like the deep sea, and dark assets like manholes and underground wells, where no-one has transmitted before.    

This project was unique in that all parties involved worked in sync to adopt new innovative technology in a conservative industry. The pilot is just the beginning of an SFPUC initiative to adopt smart city technologies, beginning with creating smart water networks.


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