Movertia is an intelligent management system that allows locating all the vehicles that dealers have in real-time. This tool is capable of tracking each car and knowing where it is at all times.
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The industries dedicated to the automotive sector work with a great number of vehicles that must be managed efficiently during the sales, repair and maintenance process. Movertia is an IoT tracking system that responds to the needs of this sector. It is an intelligent management system that uses Sigfox technology and allows real-time location of all the vehicles that dealers have. 

Car dealers work with a large number of vehicles that they must manage efficiently in the sales, repair and maintenance processes. In many cases, locating a particular vehicle means a great loss of productive time and the consequent economic losses. Having a tool such as Movertia allows them to locate the vehicle they need quickly and easily, which translates into great savings in time and money. 

The solution is fully developed and ready for any industry. The development of software and hardware can be quickly adapted to the environment in which it is installed and the design of the platform in which the client will visualize all the information can be modified according to the needs of each case. 

The main benefits are: Optimization of asset tracking time, real-time stock management, movement metrics, vehicle theft alerts, cost savings and the fact that it is a flexible and non-intrusive system. 

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  • Smart Car Location System - Integra.pdf

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