Discover the Sigfox connectivity technology for Internet of Things. Learn, create, explore and validate your ideas with NANOFOX IoT kit.
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Countries adapted for RC2


NANOFOX IoT Kit is an evaluation board for Sigfox connectivity using WISOL serial modem. It provides out of the box connection with Arduino NANO / PRO boards, accelerating the learning curve and validation of new ideas, business models and products concepts.  

  Main Features:   

  • Connector compatible with Arduino NANO and PRO boards
  • I/Os for external use (i.e.: Shields interface, sensors, etc.)
  • Ease integration with any hardware platform through UART and simple AT commands. (ESP8266, ESP32, Raspberry PI, PIC, AVR, Texas, STM32, PC, etc) 
  • Ultra-low power allows battery operation for long periods
  • WISOL Sigfox verified module for region RCZ2 - USA/Mexico/Brazil/Canada
  • 1 year of Sigfox connection included with access to Sigfox Backend tools.   

Downloadable resources
  • Nanofox datasheet Eng v0.2.pdf

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Not certified yet



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Technical Details

AT Commands

Compatible with AT commands: Yes

Embedded Software

Kit Type: Extension (shield, etc)

Development Platform(s): Arduino, Custom, Mbed, Raspberry Pi

Development Environment(s) - IDE: Arduino, Atmel Studio, Custom, mbed


Digital: 7

Analog: 6

External antenna

A connector for an external antenna is available

This Dev Kit Embeds:


To activate your Sigfox subscription included with your kit, please visit


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