IOTEAM Single Chip SIGFOX™ module

Single Chip SIGFOX™ compliant Dual Mode RF Transceiver for EU (ETSI) 868MHz and US (FCC) 902MHz operation, up- and downlink.
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Countries adapted for RC1, RC2


IOTEAM's Single Chip SIGFOX™ module is an out-of-the-Box solution with the highest possibile integration level of SIGFOX functionalities. Its features: 

  1. SIGFOX protocol stack, SIGFOX ID, PAC code and Encryption key stored and secured inside the chip;
  2. its dual mode operation supports the EU (ETSI) 868MHz and US (FCC) 902MHz SIGFOX network;
  3. it is a flexible solution: according toone's needs, it can be combined with any host microcontroller and SPI interface;
  4. it has an extreme low power consumption: in TX mode 31.8mA at +13.8dBm in ETSI 868MHz mode, 16.7mA at  +9.5dBm in FCC 902Hz  mode; in RX mode 0.5mA;  in OFF mode: 5nA.

IOTEAM's Single Chip SIGFOX™ module is a Transceiver IC for up- and downlink operation in the EU and US SIGFOX™ networks. Its uses are especially suited to the IoT (Internet of Things) develpments and devices, and for other machine-to-machine  communication that use an air interface to the SIGFOX™ proprietary network.  

Examples of industrial and consumer applications are environmental sensors,  smart meters, patient monitors, home automation and security  systems. It incorporates an RF front end for up- and downlink  to a SIGFOX™ base station, a digital baseband and a microcontroller in a  single chip. 

the module also has a serial peripheral interface provides for ease of external control and  configuration. 

The Supply-voltage range is 2.9V-3.1V (3V operation mode)  or 3.3V-5.5V (5V operation mode). 



Not certified yet



Technical Details

Product casing

Dimensions (in mm): 26 x 15 x 0.85

Weight: 1gr


Dedicated - Internal

Sigfox Connectivity
Product electrical characteristics

Power Supply: From 3V to 5V

Power Consumption:

Tx: 32.7 mA

Rx: 10 mA

Idle: 50 μA

Embedded Software



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