Smart Tracker

The Smart tracker is a robust, easy to use, cloud integrated tracking device which uses nearest Wi-Fi addresses & Sigfox to determine location points & monitors motion, humidity & temperature. No GPS!
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Countries adapted for RC1

SamplesCommercially available - est. Jan, 2019

The tracker device is a tracking solution which uses location of Wi-Fi & Sigfox to determine location points. No need of GPS! We have all seen how much our phone batteries get drained when we switch on the GPS, since this device does not use GPS but Sigfox’s network which is low power and its own geolocation API, the tracker’s battery is going to last longer than any other GPS enabled tracking device. Whether you wish to use the tracker for personal uses like tracking your child, pet even an elderly person or use it for industrial purposes such as logistics cargo tracking, it will be useful in all these scenarios. The tracker is a global product.  It can track anything that is moving!! Use Cases that we have in mind are: Cargo Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Children Safety Tracker and Pet Safety Tracker, also can be used in Industries for logictics, these are a few to note but the possibilities are endless !!

Downloadable resources
  • CW_Tracker Datasheet v1.1.pdf

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Not certified yet


Typical number of messages per duration


Roadmap information

Additional sensors as per customer requirement. Variants being built for RC2, RC4 and RC6. 2 Variants - Rechargeable tracker and Non-rechargeable tracker.


SamplesCommercially available - est. Jan, 2019

Technical Details

Product casing

Dimensions (in mm): 119 x 48 x 26

Weight: 63gr

IP Code: IP67



Mandatory - Internal


Mandatory - Internal


Mandatory - Internal



Dedicated - Internal

Type: Custom

Additional Information about the power supply

2 Variants - Rechargeable battery tracker & Non-Rechargeable tracker

Product Connectivity

Sensitivity (in dB): 129

Embedded Software

Flashable Firmware: No

External antenna

No connector for an additional external antenna


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