scalable Smart aNalytic APplication builder for sentient Cities, provides flexible solutions to quickly create applications collecting, and exploiting heterogeneous data of any kind, from any source.
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Snap4City improves city services, security and safety, attracting industries and stakeholders, and offering to the city a sustainable solution. It is capable to keep under control the city evolution in real time; for example, controlling key performance indicators, KPI, on services, controlling unexpected evolutions; and, at the same time, supporting the city in the process of continuous innovation, on services, on infrastructures, on control and supervision, with tools for business intelligence, predictions, anomaly detection, early warning, risk assessment, also enabling setting up strategies for increasing city resilience with respect to unexpected unknown events. Today, the challenges are substantially multi domain, since: mobility, energy, government, welfare, wellness, tourism, culture, environment, weather, education, are connected infrastructures and services which influence each other and in may suffer of some cascade effects in critical cases.  

Snap4City provides flexible solutions to quickly create smart and sentient applications collecting, and exploiting heterogeneous data of any kind, from any source (open and private; static, real time, event driven, certified and personal), getting insight and deductions about the city status and evolution exploiting ultimate artificial intelligence, data analytics and big data technologies.

Snap4City is 100% open source, scalable, modular and flexible, and it can be easy integrated with already in place solutions to enforce new functionalities, by installing Snap4City tools/modules on your premise and/or exploit it from cloud.

Snap4City is based on Km4City (Http:// ), which is an in place technology for developing smart cities adopted in REPLICATE H2020, RESOLUTE H2020, Sii-Mobility, LIFE WEEE, etc. 

Snap4City can be regarded as Km4City 4.0 since it added to Km4City the needed flexibility to set up Living Labs and co-working environments for IOT/IOE (internet of things/everything) in smart cities and industry 4.0, with IOT devices, IOT Edge/Gateways, mobiles, OBU (on board unit, vehicular kit), social media and satellite data, IOT Buttons.  

Snap4City can be a proactive partner and/or a technology provider for cities and/or regions, offering the solution on your premise or on cloud as a collaborative environment in which experts and stakeholders (researchers, industries, students, commercial operators, tourists, etc.) can share their data, experiences and found solutions, and at the same time can manage their private data, analytics, applications, dashboard according to GDPR. Thus, Snap4City is a sustainable data/service ecosystem in which city and stakeholders may exploit resources to set up valuable services, free from the vendor lock-in problems.   

Snap4City portal provides a shared Living Lab in which city users and stakeholders are involved to exploit, produce and share data and services in a collaborative environment among multiple cities and international experts.  



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