Universal sensor

The universal sensor is possible to use for detection critical conditions and monitoring of actual conditions at your devices. The sensor ensure smooth running in residential and industrial sector.


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The Universal sensor  AirIM-100S monitors the current status of the device and detects critical and emergency states in a timely manner. 

Can be used for measurements:

  • temperature
  • voltage
  • current
  • level
  • energy
  • and more. 

This unit has battery power and also permanent power supply 5 - 12 V DC.

The status of the monitored device can be easily displayed in a smart phone or Cloud application, which provides continuous control of your property.  


In Development

Technical Details

Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)182 x 62 x 34
Weight150 gr
SensorsPulse, Temperature, Light, Humidity
Battery TypeReplaceable
Battery Life6 Years
Flashable FirmwareNo
Ip CodeIP65

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Product type

In Development
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