Wisol WSSFM10R2 Breakout Board

This is a breakout board with the Wisol WSSFM10R2 Sigfox module.

Dev Kit

Commercially Available


 This is a breakout board with the Wisol WSSFM10R2 Sigfox module. Use it on any development platform, It communicates over UART and It is very easy to use. 

Simple serial commands to fill the buffer are used.This is a 3.3V system, do not power It with 5V.For Examples and Design Information visit our Github Repository 


Commercially Available

Availability1 week3 weeks

Technical Details

Downloadable resources :

  • Wisol Breakout Board.pdf

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Technical specs :

Kit TypeExtension (shield, etc)
Development Platform(s)Arduino, Custom
Compatible with AT commandsYes

This Dev Kit Embeds:


To activate your Sigfox subscription included with your kit, please visit backend.sigfox.com/activate

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Product type

Dev Kit
Commercially Available
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