Real Life Analytics
Skiply provides solutions to interact with people in real life with connected buttons : satisfaction, reporting, surveys... With Skiply and Smilio, you can evaluate customer experience everywhere.

Skiply was created to offer simple tools to transform fuzzy data into useful information. You can not imagine how much value you can get from the inputs of your users.

  • We have customers in banking, army, retail, restaurant, airports, facility management...
  • Made in France, frenchtech member
  • Winner or Vinci Startup Tour 2016


SMILIO connected buttons, 4 smileys

Gather feedback from customers, visitors and employees on the spot with our 4 smileys voting box.

Product type

Commercially Available

ACB - Advanced Connected Buttons

The ACB system is designed to build various business solutions based on the Smilio connected buttons, from satisfaction surveys to reporting buttons.

Product type

Commercially Available