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Smilio Action « MultiServices » is a system of 5 connected buttons which allow to report any kind of event, collect customer feedback, and also to time-and-date-stamp staff interventions.
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Smilio Action « MultiServices » is a system of 5 connected buttons that enable real-time interaction with your audiences.  

Associated with an explaining POS material, this survey terminal provides valuable insights into quality of your services or equipments. It can also be used to obtain responses to any types of surveys, offering a choice of 4 possible answers. 

According to your use cases, the touch of a button can signal a malfunction or alert a sub-contractor that a restocking is needed, as an example. In these cases, a SMS or email alert can be configured on each button (and sent to 5 different third parties if required). Thanks to an integrated badging device, Smilio Action is also capable to time-and-date-stamp staff interventions.  

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Sigfox Ready

Class 0

End Product Certificate P_0056_99E6_01



Use cases
Expected period without human intervention

3 year(s)

Minimum order quantity to custom product

200 products


Commercially available

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Production capabilities

+50,000 items

Where to buy ?
Warranty duration

12 month(s)


FCA – Free Carrier

Technical Details

Product casing

Dimensions (in mm): 100 x 100 x 45

Weight: 200gr

IP Code: IP65

Recommended operating temperature: -40° to 60° C

Customizable casing: Yes

Customizable fixation: No

Minimum order quantity for custom casing or fixation: 200 products




Type: PCB printed


Dedicated - Internal

Type: PCB printed


Battery life: 8 Years

Embedded Software

Flashable Firmware: No

External antenna

No connector for an additional external antenna


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