Société Nationale des Objets Connectés (SNOC)

IOT Solution Designer
We create and developp innovative connected solutions for IOT applications

We are  French Startup, focused on designing simple and ease of use connected solutions for IOT application field. We develop and manage several business units such as:

-->Design House: supporting compagny who looks for partner to create and develop their connected device.

-->Product developpement: to serve the maker's ecosystem, providing electroniques bricks for prototyping IOT projects.

-->E-commerce platform: to sale via our platform, quantity of electroniques modules and bricks helpping IOT makers as well as DIY actors to built  their prototype and proof of concept before moving to the industrialisation phase of their idea.

We have competences to manage the full value chain of a connected solution, from the pure hardware design, to software developpement up to the cloud data collection system, with our telematics platform (

We are specialized on incorporating wireless technologies such as LPWan ,RFID, NFC, Bluetooth Smart, ZigBee and much more.



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