Multi-networks Sigfox & LoRa breakout board based on the Seong Ji WSLSM100A (EMEA) module. Design easily and quickly your IOT prototype compatible with multi LPWAN networks.
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Countries adapted for RC1, RC3, RC5, RC6, RC7

Commercially availableMar, 2022
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 Breakout LoraWan and Sigfox BRKLSM100A

This LoraWan and Sigfox module development and quick start board, based on the Seong Ji WSLSM100A module, will allow you to integrate and use LoraWan and/or Sigfox LPWAN networks in the design of your IOT project. Conversion to LoRa mode or Sigfox mode is done using simple AT commands.

The LSM100A module is a compact, low-power two-way radio module optimized for use in the 863 MHz ~ 928 MHz ISM bands using LoRa(TM) and Sigfox modulation technology.

This module supports LoRa(TM) & Sigfox communication protocols and can be converted to LoRa mode or Sigfox mode using simple AT commands. The WSLSM100A is an ultra-long-range, high-performance module.

The modules are pre-certified LoRaWan and Sigfox guaranteeing its compatibility for communication on these LPWAN networks. 

 The card integrates all the passive components necessary for wireless communication.

Communication commands:

  • The module is controlled with serial AT commands sent on TX/RX pins.
  • Communication specification and the AT commands to use: Serial communication: 9600 baud, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity 
  • Some examples of AT Commands: 
  • Send LoRa message: AT+SEND=port:ack:data
  • Get ID sigfox from the module: AT$ID
  • Get code PAC sigfox from the module: AT$PAC
  • Send Sigfox message: AT$SF=payload,opt_responsewaited,opt_txflag
  • Change mode Lora <-> Sigfox: AT+MODE=mode [ 0: SigFox, 1: LoRa]

Main characteristics:

  • Compact module 14 x 15 x 2.8 mm. (typical)
  • LoRa(TM) modulation technology.
  • Sigfox modulation technology.
  • Sensitivity up to -136dBm@LoRa(BW=125KHz, SF=12)
  • 124dBm at Sigfox (0.6Kbps)
  • UART Interface - AT Commands.
  • Low-power long-range transceiver operating in the sub-1 GHz ISM band
  • Supply voltage range from 1.8 to 3.6V.
  • RF interface optimized to 50 Ω.
  • Output power level up to +15dBm
  • Tx Current: 27mA
  • Rx current: 5mA
  • API Version: Possibility to integrate own code.

Composition of the Kit:

  • 1x BRKLSM100A breakout board
  • 1x Articulated antenna 1/2 wave 868Mhz
  • 1x UFL <> RP-SMA 100mm cable
  • 1x Male Connector, Through Hole, 8 Contacts, 1 row, Right Angle, pitch 2.54, gold plated
  • 1x Male Connector, Through Hole, 8 Contacts, 1 Row, Pitch 2.54, Gold Plated
  • 1x One year subscription to SigFox network (140 messages/day)
  • 1x Access to your data via the SigFox portal

RF Characteristics RF Sigfox

  • Frequency Range(1): 863MHz - 928MHz
    • - RC1 868.13±0.096
    • - RC3 923.20±0.096
    • - RC5 923.30±0.096
    • - RC6 865.20±0.096
    • - RC7 868.80±0.096

RF Characteristics RF LoRa(TM)

  • Frequency Range(1): 863MHz - 928MHz
    • - EU863-870
    • - AS923
    • - KR920-923

More information for starting your project is available on the manufacturer's website:

Find all the resources to develop your project on the LSM100A module github: 

Downloadable resources
  • BRKLSM100A_schematique.pdf
  • BRKLSM100A_Pinout.pdf
  • LSM100A_User Manual.pdf
  • LSM100A_datasheet.pdf

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Sigfox Ready

End Product Certificate P_0028_4DAF_01


Commercially availableMar, 2022

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Warranty duration

1 year(s)


CIP – Carriage and Insurance Paid to...

Technical Details

AT Commands

Compatible with AT commands: Yes

Embedded Software

Kit Type: Standalone

Development Platform(s): Custom, Mbed

Development Environment(s) - IDE: Custom, mbed


Digital: 0

Analog: 0

External antenna

A connector for an external antenna is available

This Dev Kit Embeds:


To activate your Sigfox subscription included with your kit, please visit


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