Sigfox Breakout board BRKWS01

SigFox Breakout board based on Wisol SFM10R1 module to design easily your IOT prototype with Sigfox communication (1 year sudsription included)

Dev Kit

Commercially Available

The breakout BRKWS01 is a very small footprint SigFox breakout board based on the Wisol SFM10R1 module. This board will enable you to integrate and use the SigFox LPWan network into your IOT project design, providing simple data transmission feature.

 The design of the breakout allows versatile usages from the development of your prototype to the mass production of your project. Indeed, the layout of input/output pin is such that you can use the standard module features with the breakout board position vertically as a Single Inline Package module (SIP). Therefore, the integration into your PCB design is possible and facilitated. 


  • Ultra-Small foot-print 23.3mm x 21.3mm (<5cm²)
  • Versatile usages, breadboard, vertical Single Inline Package
  • Simple control by AT commands
  • All inclusif kit with Antenna and 1 year subscription





Commercially Available

Technical Details

Downloadable resources :

  • BRKWS01 PCB pinout.pdf
  • BRKWS01 Circuit Diagram.pdf
  • BRKWS01 Specsheet.pdf

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Technical specs :

Kit TypeExtension (shield, etc)
Development Platform(s)Custom
Compatible with AT commandsYes
Development Environment(s) - IDECustom

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Dev Kit
Commercially Available