BrighterBins is the world’s simplest, cheapest stick-and-go solution for municipal garbage.
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Founded by industry experts in IoT (Internet of Things) in 2017, we have designed the world's simplest and cheapest system to manage municipal waste disposal smartly.

BrighterBins smart garbage solution includes:

1) The sensors

2) The platform  

Fill Level Measurement 

BrighterBins sensors accurately measure the fill-level of garbage bins of different shapes and sizes and report to the backend using Sigfox.

Waste Monitoring & Managing

BrighterBins informs about planned, missed and unscheduled collections, manages how fast bins are filling up, tracks average fill-levels of bins and a total amount of waste being generated. The collected data can easily be integrated with a city planning system.   

Advanced Data Analytics 

The BrighterBins backend provides advanced data analytics to provide bi-annual reporting to municipalities and partners for better urban planning.

Upgraded Route Optimizations 

Adaptive route learning models are used to create a powerful routing system that meets the needs of local municipal drivers, optimized to their garbage collection routes, which are not addressed today by other off-the-shelf routing tools.


Commercially available
Production capabilities

1,000-10,000 items

Sample available


Business cases

BrighterBins Stick&Go

There is a market potential of 8 million public waste bin sensors, but the installed base is less than 50,000.

The economic and environmental benefits of waste bin sensors are clear, but limitations in the design and cost are preventing adoption by cities.

We have designed, developed, and manufactured industrialized waste bin sensors that overcome these shortcomings to make waste bin sensors “standard” in public bins in Europe and North America.

Expected impact

Done right, Brighter-Bins has the potential to be a € 15 million a year business employing over 60 people.


There is a lot of talk about intelligent garbage solutions. Intelligent is great, but simple and cost effective is better.



A stick-and-go solution for garbage collection: stick it on, turn it on, and the sensor will send data on fill levels to our smart garbage management system. This will reduce garbage collection costs by around 30-40% and, with the data collected, all aspects of waste pick up can be improved.


Our sensors are about 30-50% lower in price than our competition and can be customized to your needs.


With BrighterBins you will get the garbage solution you need.


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