CommonSense IoT Platform

Since 2008, independent IoT device management and Application Enablement Platform.
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Since 2008, easily deliver IoT solutions for any market thanks to CommonSense IoT platform.CommonSense, our IoT platform, includes all necessary software bricks and tools to connect your assets, remotely manage them and create your bespoke IoT applications. All of this with a cost and risk lower than intra-organization development, in the design as well as operation phase. 


 CommonSense is composed of several integrated or independent blocks. Its modularity enables us to bring you the tools you need according to your objectives and resources.

  • CONNECT Unifiy the management of heterogeneous networks of objects.
  • MANAGE Manage those networks of devices with provisioning & configuration, technical alarms, frames timeline, battery levels, data, commands. Create/configure IoT applications such as smart rules/condition-based management, If/then automation, multiples accounts & rights, virtual measures for some analytics, containers.
  • DESIGN Design IoT applications interfaces with click / drag & drop: no coding OR use our suite of APIs to bring CommonSense features on any system.
  • Flexible business models : White label, SaaS or Licence (On-Premises)

Technical details

  • Simplification and acceleration of the design and roll-out of rich IoT/M2M applications - Through CommonSense or your own IoT application with our RESTful APIs, your IoT services are available everywhere.
  • Scalable - High performance with scalability (carrier-grade logic). Manage from a few to ten of thousands of objects.
  • Open, flexible and interoperable - CommonSense relies on standard languages and environments (PHP, C/C++, Javascript, Linux, MySQL/PostGre…)
  • Secure - Security mechanisms (such as HTTPS/SSL) integrated for APIs and the platform, redundant and resilient architecture. 

Have a sneak peek in video : how to create a Sigfox solution with CommonSense

To learn more about CommonSense and Sigfox, visit our dedicated web page.

Downloadable resources
  • VerticalM2M-PRES-CommonSense-presentation-2.pdf

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Commercially available


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