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Your IoT application platform for Smart City -Building & - Industry
Relying on CommonSense since 2008, our generic IoT Platform, we build and deploy Internet of Things applications enabling more efficient processes and services.

Founded in 2008 by seasoned entrepreneurs, Vertical M2M is an independent telecom software vendor (ISV).

Our product: CommonSense is a unique telecom software platform encompassing all necessary modules and tools to design and deploy M2M/IoT applications while leveraging the value of all your existing assets:

(1) creation of IoT infrastructure , (2) management of this infrastructure, and (3) creation of business and industrial applications directly through the web or through a range of standardized APIs.

CommonSense enables creation of IoT applications using real time remote monitoring, control and automation over heterogeneous networks of connected objects: with our platform you can better understand, predict and coordinate your activity as well as develop innovative services with automation and interactivity.

Commonsense is a flexible, scalable, cost-effective architecture, and can be delivered in a white-label mode, either through a Cloud-based or a licensing model.


With 8+ years of experience in IoT, we have developed expertise in domain fields with turnkey applications:

Building Energy management & automation, SmartHome services, Renewable Energy monitoring, Industrial Remote Asset Management, SmartWater services…

Through IoT training or professional services, we can also support you in designing your end-to-end applications and leverage the power of IoT for your specific needs.


Our strength relies on a proven triple expertise:

-Telecom experts: we select the best IoT/M2M infrastructure for your project depending on your objectives (LAN/PAN radio or wired networks, LPWA, SMS/GSM/2G/3G/4G, BUS technologies…)

-Software specialists: CommonSense is a software package accelerating creation and deployment of your IoT applications.

-Domain skills: our turnkey applications and related features have been designed with industry experts on their markets (building, city or industry).


CommonSense IoT Platform

Since 2008, Independent Device management and Application Enablement Platform for the IoT

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Commercially Available

CommonSense Energy

The solution for integrated energy management in buildings and renewable energy site installations.

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Commercially Available


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