Enless Wireless

Low power - long range wireless solutions dedicated to energy efficiency applications
French based manufacturer of BEMS / Smart Metering / Temperature, Humidity Monitoring wireless solutions
Enless Wireless positions itself as an expert in the field of wireless products and technologies dedicated to the M2M market (Machine to Machine). As a part of the continuous process of innovation, Enless Wireless also focuses it growth on the market of what will be the wireless of tomorrow: the Internet of Things (IoT).
Its complete and innovating range of products allows Enless Wireless to reach customers like equipment manufacturers, integrators or operators searching for wireless telecommunication products ready for use.
Enless Wireless main product range is dedicated to energy efficiency and smart metering applications, but Enless Wireless is also active on additional wireless M2M markets (telemetry, building management system, BEMS, lighting control, HVAC…).
We offer to our customers standard and customized products with strong added value.