Hybrid Module for Sigfox+LoRaWAN.
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Countries adapted for RC2, RC4

Commercially availableJul, 2022
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  LSM110A support Sigfox RC2/RC4 + LoRaWAN together. It is also available in API (application programming interface)-enabled variants that allow the integration of the customer’s firmware inside the module as well as AT version. Module size is 14.0mm x 15.0mm x2.8mm with the half-through hole type for easy soldering on the customer’s board. Because it uses STM32WL, it is very small size, low power consumption, and cost efficiency to optimize sub-GHz wireless connectivity across a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.   

Downloadable resources
  • DS_LSM110A_R01_220602(2).pdf

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Sigfox Verified

End Product Certificate M_008B_3FA8_01




Commercially availableJul, 2022
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Warranty duration

12 month(s)


EXW – Ex Works

Technical Details

Product casing

Dimensions (in mm): 14 x 15 x 2.8

Weight: 1gr

Sigfox Connectivity


Max Tx Radiated Power: +22 dBm

Rx Sensitivity: -129 dBm

Product electrical characteristics

Power Supply: From 1.8V to 3.6V

Power Consumption:

Tx: 123 mA

Rx: 5 mA

Idle: 1.8 μA

Embedded Software

Memory Size for Client Firmware: 57Kb

SDK: Yes

External antenna

No connector for an additional external antenna


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