RATSENSE, an integrated infrared sensor-based system backed by data analytics, on-demand, as-a-service. RATSENSE monitors, detects and captures real-time data on rodent movements 24/7/365.
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RATSENSE, an integrated infrared sensor-based system backed by data analytics, on-demand, as-a-service.   By embracing Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, the system uses infrared sensors as “electronic eyes” that monitor, detect and capture real-time data on rodent movements 24/7.

That data is then analysed to track, trend and map rodent movements and behaviours, providing building managers with insights and location-based information on rodent infestations.

Intelligence from data analytics identifies movement pathways, breeding and harbourages of rodents, boosting the efficacy of traps and glue boards.

It also allows for M&E rectifications and improvements of infrastructure to be made to ensure future rodent entry and intrusion is minimised. In the long term, our algorithms and analytics will provide stakeholders with predictive information that will enable effective and sustainable rodent control and risk management to be put in place, while ensuring constant remote monitoring of premises to always give stakeholders the upper hand against this “smart” pest.


Commercially available

Business cases

'Rodent-Free' Premises

A complex of mixed businesses with numerous F&B outlets, have not caught any rodents for more than a year, as updated by their contracted pest controller. 

This may seem like a good situation, and may not be a problem, but it may lead to a serious problem. How? 


Indoor rodents (roof rats) breed rapidly and move/hide discreetly in false ceilings, structural cavaties and spaces, and if undisturbed, can overpopulate a location within months. In a year, it could potentially reach over 10,000 in numbers.

It is expensive, and near impossible, to know what is happening in the dark little, hidden corners of your building or premise, especially so in the false ceilings. And that is where urbanised rodents, also known as roof/black rats, like to create their homes in.


RATSENSE was deployed within the complex, with the system detecting, and tracking the rodents' activities. Data analytics and information were given to the premise owner and pest controller, who proceeded to place traps at identified hotspots. More than 10 rodents were caught over a few weeks.

This was from having zero rodents caught. Now, they have their 'hard-to-access' areas

How would it had felt, or feel, to know that your premises have rodents roaming freely (and wisely avoiding random traps - they have learnt to adapt)? Or worse, that 1 rodent had wandered into public view? The amount of damage, in reputation, public opinion, financial, of the premise, would have been immeasureable. 

I Know They Are There, But I Can't Get Them!

For an asset owner, whether the building consists of multiple floors or stretches across hundreds of metres, it is a near impossible task of knowing where indoor rodents are 'hiding' within, and you can also categorise how to catch or trap them as such too, just like finding a needle in a haystack, stacked on top many other haystacks!  

Just how much time, resources, manpower would be needed to locate these pests before the next step of catching/trapping them. 


A large building owner, having had numerous accounts of rodent activities reported to them - from hearing the scurrying of paws overheard, to actual sighting of a rodent dashing along the wall, partially eaten foods and a strange pungent smell lingering in the air.. 

The problem, and the actual one that is bigger than having rodents, is the ability to find or know where exactly they are coming from, hiding, breeding, or even travelling through. Rodents depend on familiar tracks (or runways) that they have identified for themselves, to travel between places, usually their nests/homes and food sources.


By putting in place low-cost, SIGFOX-enabled sensors at strategic locations of the entire building, you can now monitor your asset, especially the 'hard-to-access' areas 24/7, tracking the key activity zones, before calling in your rodent control 'forces' to trap and eliminate. With the intelligence provided by RATSENSE, you (or your pest controller) will be more precise, more effective, more efficient, and use less resources (materials and manpower) to solve the problem!

In the mid and longer term, the sensors provide the asset owner with the 'early warning system' for re-intrusion or increasing activity data so that a rapid response can be activated to prevent the matter from escalating. 


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