SiPIR sensor is an innovative tool for monitoring occupancy and comfort of offices, conference and meeting rooms, or lecture halls.
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Countries adapted for RC1

In development

In addition to the detecting the presence of persons, SiPIR monitors room temperature and humidity, as well as the level of air quality (eCO2 a TVOC), which helps monitor and plan the use of rooms to ensure maximum comfort of the environment of workers or listeners. The measured data is sent by the detector via wireless Sigfox communication to a user server, where subsequent evaluation is done and further action steps are taken. The detector can be remotely configured by users to suit the needs of a specific location, all data can be monitored and assessed in the long-term. Additionally, the colour optical indication provides an overview of the air quality status of the listeners in the room itself. Battery power supply eliminates the need for unsightly cables. The detector is designed with a suspension system for easy attachment to walls, or it can also be placed freely on a table.  

  Preliminary technical parameters:
- SIGFOX RCZ1 – Europe radio technology
- PIR and acoustic detection of the presence of persons
- eCO2, TVOC measurements
- temperature measurements – ±0.2°C (typically)
- relative humidity measurements – ±2% (typically)
- battery voltage measurements
- magnetic button
- light and acoustic signalling
- battery version with 1 year service life under normal conditions
- suspension system  



Not certified yet


In development

Technical Details

Product casing


Dedicated - Internal

Type: ¼ wave

Embedded Software

Flashable Firmware: No

External antenna

No connector for an additional external antenna


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