SiVin is Sigfox detector designed to collect meteorological data on vineyards, hop gardens, and other agricultural areas.
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Countries adapted for RC1


SiVin device helps to provide better care and protection of crops against dangerous pathogens, and can thus bring higher yields and profits to the farmers. The stations measure temperature (dry-bulb), relative humidity, and rainfall. The data package with the measured quantities is sent regularly with a period of 30 or 10 minutes to a server via wireless SIGFOX technology. The other sent events are activation, communication test, sensor malfunction, low battery, and sabotage (physical manipulation with the station). Mechanical attachment is designed universally, this means that the weather station can be installed to a large number of columns used outdoors. The universal holder is divided into two parts – the radiation cover and rain gauge.    The radiation cover is located at the height of grapes so that the sensors can correctly measure the micro-climate that has arisen, influencing the grapes themselves. Thanks to this, the probability of occurrence of diseases affecting the crops can be more accurately predicted. The rain gauge, on the other hand, is located higher than the vegetation to prevent it from being affected (e.g. water trickling down the leaves) and in order to gain more accurate measurement results.  

  Preliminary technical parameters: • SIGFOX RCZ1 – Europe radio technology
- temperature measurements – ±0.2°C (typically)
- relative humidity measurements – ±2% (typically)
- rainfall amount measurements – differentiation of 0.3mm (typically)
• battery voltage measurements
• indication of a faulty state of device
• sabotage monitoring
• acoustic signalling
• magnetic button
• battery version with 1 year service life according to sending period
- universal attachment  



Not certified yet


Sample available


Technical Details

Product casing


Dedicated - Internal

Type: ¼ wave

Embedded Software

Flashable Firmware: No

External antenna

No connector for an additional external antenna


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