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AllSense is an autonomous battery-powered, wireless sensor node, designed to conduct measurement with various types of sensors via a number of standard and non-standard analog and digital interfaces. Connecting more than one sensor per connector is possible and depends on use case and selected interface.


  • Wireless transmission over SIGFOX network: 868 MHz for Europe
  • 1 x non-rechargeable Lithium battery of 19000 mAh (optional external battery pack 38000 mAh)
  • Built-in option for energy harvesting solutions
  • All components operate in the range of -30ºC to 70ºC
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Compact 115 x 90 x 55 mm weatherproof enclosure rated IP66
  • All connectors are waterproof and rated IP67 in both mated and unmated states
  • Waterproof pressure compensation plug – IP67
  • Several sensors can be connected to one connector. The number of sensors connected to one connector depends on the sensor protocol or interface
  • Magnetic On/Off/Reset button
  • ESD, transient voltage and EMI protected
  • Optional monitoring of in-box humidity and temperature
  • Optional in-box barometric sensor
  • Extended battery life due to deep sleep capability. Up to several years— depending on use case
  • Maintenance free
  • Supports numerous interfaces dependent on use case

Supported Sensor Interfaces

  • RS232 / RS422 / RS485
  • I2C (buffered, up to 20 meters)
  • SPI
  • SDI-12
  • Option for IrDA (infrared galvanically insulated interface) 
  • Digital inputs/outputs (5V tolerant inputs, interrupt on change capabilities) 
  • Pulse counting (3-5V CMOS compatible logic levels) 
  • USB (for PC communication only) 
  • Analog inputs, single ended (12-bit resolution) 
  • Analog inputs, differential (12-bit resolution) 
  • Analog inputs, differential (16-bit resolution) 
  • 1-wire

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Commercially Available

Technical Details

Downloadable resources :

  • AllSense-Datasheet-Evvos-10-2016.pdf

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Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)115 x 90 x 55
Weight600 gr
Battery TypeReplaceable
Battery Life10 Years

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