Evvos Weather Station for Agriculture

The EVVOS WS packages 12 weather sensors into a single, compact device. It is designed for continuous deployment with no moving parts to fail.
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Countries adapted for RC1, RC2, RC4

Commercially availableNov, 2018

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  • Measures 12 weather variables including: air temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure, barometric pressure, wind speed, gust and direction, solar radiation, precipitation, lightning strike counter and distance
  • Accurate at low wind speeds because no moving parts will cause friction or fail
  • Detects fine-scale wind speed variations with 0.01 m/s resolution
  • Integrated accelerometer detects if sensor is off-level
  • Integrated spring acts as a rain gauge filter to keep out large particles but still allow enough water flow
  • Easy installation
  • RC 1 (also available RC 2/3/4) 
  • Optional GNSS


Weather sensors empowered

The EVVOS WS packages 12 weather sensors into a single, compact device for atmospheric measurements. It is designed for continuous deployment, with no moving parts to fail. Most all-in-one weather stations give you the option to measure solar radiation or precipitation, but not both. EVVOS WS provides both measurements in one device, so you never have to compromise. Plus, the EVVOS WS is accurate. Unlike any other weather station, specialized pins made of real gold measure every single drop of rain. The 0.017 mm resolution means it can accurately measure small rainfall and even heavy dew events that other rain gauges miss. And, no moving parts means the EVVOS WS anemometer is accurate at low wind speeds. It even has an accelerometer, so you’ll always know the sensor is leveled and you’re getting accurate data.

Simply smarter

EVVOS WS weather data (e.g., humidity, temperature, or atmospheric pressure) are transmitted over a single wire. That means you don’t have to use all of the ports on your data transmitter just for weather measurements. And, if you are using the EVVOS WS with EVVOS data transmitters, you have the flexibility to add any of our other sensors, like soil moisture.

The EVVOS WS works seamlessly with the OneSense Environment and Agriculture for simple, plug-and-play atmospheric data logging and cloud-based data storage and management. You can set up an entire weather monitoring system in minutes, without any complex wiring or programming.

EVVOS WS is a simple, compact, and connected device with the flexibility to do more than weather measurements.


Commercially availableNov, 2018
Production capabilities

1,000-10,000 items

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Business cases

Integrated Pest Management

We know you’ve been growing grapes for generations but looking back many things have changed in the last years. There is more emphasis on wine quality, competition is stronger, pesticide usage must be reduced, climate and environment are changing, and you have to document your activities. 


Winegrowing is beautiful, but not always easy, and although winegrowers have been growing grapes for centuries, many things have have changed in recent years. There is more emphasis on wine quality, pesticide usage must be reduced, climate and environment are changing, plus documentation of vineyard activities is a must-have for ensuring traceability and food safety. Many growers are wondering how to stay on top of all the new rules of environment protection, effectively protect grapes against pests, and at the same time survive on the competitive market.


eVineyard was invented to help you grow better grapes at lower cost. Together, with hundreds of growers from multiple countries all around the world, we created a solution to help you reduce spraying by up to 30% and avoid major yield losses. eVineyard applicaiton and Evvos sensors help you decide when and where to apply plant protection products. eVineyard also helps you deal with the paperwork with a click of a mouse. Our solution is suitable for vineyards of all sizes and does not requires a complicated setup, so you can start easily today. Vineyard data will always be available on your smartphone and computer. Whenever there is an alerting condition in your vineyard, like a danger of mildew development, eVineyard will notify you about it with an email or SMS. Contact us to join other happy growers, improve your pest management practices and enter the future of winegrowing today.

Improved Irrigation

Irrigation models and decision support systems use both – climatic and soil moisture data to help winegrowers improve their irrigation practices and to ultimately save water without sacrificing crop quality. 


Climate is changing. It is getting warmer but also dynamics of climate changes accelerate. As a winegrower you can increase irrigation when heatwaves are in the forecast, but you can also decide to leave more leaves on the canopy to better protect crops. However, this means that you will get less wind through the vine which may increase the probability of having mildew problems. There is a need of monitoring certain parameters in order to make better decision with regards to irrigation. It is important to monitor and measure soil moisture at different depths, air temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, evaporation and leaf wetness.


The amount of water used for irrigation can be reduced by more than 25% jut by avoiding excessive irrigation. This does not mean you must sacrifice crop quality. A simple generic dashboard to visualize data is just not good enough. The solution is to take advantage of an integrated system for vineyard management. Evvos sensors collect data about soil moisture, while eVineyard application process the data, along with evapotranspiration data and actual work in the vineyard and helps winegrowers fine-tune the irrigation process. eViniyard is not just work management but also pest control, disease models and irrigation.


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