Sensing the world
Complete solutions to improve energy and operational efficiency and manage risk

 SAYME is a technology maker with more than ten years experience in the design and development of IoT solutions for improving efficiency and managing risks of systems and installations in Smart cities, Industry 4.0 and agriculture.   

Our solutions include specific and specialized devices along with the latest and widely used wireless communication technologies and cloud software/APIs to provide different levels of integration: from end-to-end solutions to 3rd party integration.    

We create and manufacture wireless, energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions with application to multiple environments in different sectors.    

Thanks to its low-power cellular network, Sigfox empowers our solutions with a managed infrastructure that simplifies deployment efforts, and generates new international opportunities thanks to a fast growing partner’s ecosystem.   

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sensdumpster is the leading solution for reducing urban waste collection costs

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Commercially Available


senslighting is the most versatile solution for street lighting efficient management in Smart Cities

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Commercially Available