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mybutton  is a complete, expandable and low-cost IoT solution. mybutton is easily configured to send, anyplace and anytime, a predefined message to a smartphone or email, make an order of product-service, or configure and launch process from any kind of platform, such as IFTTT.    

 mybutton offers a tool pack that facilitates the service setup process, from devices activation with NFC (incorporate) to connection to cloud platform at different levels: from APIs HTTP to complete solutions with customized dashboards, Sigfox location and notification configurations and to inventory management. 

Downloadable resources
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Use cases


Commercially available
Production capabilities

1,000-10,000 items

Business cases

Make a predefined order of any product or service

Just with a click, mybutton allows for launching purchase orders of products or services, anywhere, anytime; request laundry and dry-cleaning services from a hotel room; request a package collection service from an office; launch predefined purchase orders: office supplies, food, consumable materials for retail and industry, are just some examples of the wide range of mybutton capabilities for making predefined orders.


People lose too much time making the same order again and again.


Make a predefined order clicking mybutton, anytime, anywhere.

Request assistance, anytime and anywhere

Thanks to it’s capability to work anywhere without Wifi infrastructure or other type, it can be easily installed, both indoors and outdoors, in order to enable assistance request applications, even in mobility.   

Just with a click, mybutton allows for requesting assistance in a mall aisle; request the relay of an operator in a production line; assist a person in trouble in a building, industrial plant or even a city; receive information in a smartphone about the status of a service are just some examples of the wide range of mybutton assistance request applications.  


Many times, it is not possible to determine whether assistance is required by a user in so many different scenarios such a production line or a mall. 


Request for assistance clicking mybutton, anytime, anywhere.

Launch business processes or automated tasks

mybutton can launch business process and automated tasks by means of IFTTT, Zappier, or allsensed. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with other IoT platforms through the API. 

mybutton can launch automated actions, such as turning on/off clima or lighting systems in an office; gather information about the thermostat, energy consumption, and other related variables, and send them via email, sms or directly feed specialised software applications. 


Automate processes or task remote launch according to not predetermined actions is not easily feasible.


Launch a business process or task clicking mybutton, anytime, anywhere.


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