SAYME Tracker

SAYME Tracker, the smart solution for locating and tracking of assets and cold chain management.
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Different fields, great benefits 

SAYME Tracker gets adapted to multiple applications in different fields with the objective of locating and tracking assets in controlled areas that can be complemented with event-based GPS positioning 


Valuable real-time information about position and tracking of movement flow of assets in controlled areas

– Incidents and robbery detection

– Information about GPS of assets when an event takes place

– Possible actuation over systems and installations based on an asset's location 


– Company buildings

– Institutional buildings

– Hospital and residences

– Industrial installations

– Touristic complex

– Thematic parks

– Military compound

– Smart cities

Main features

– Location and tracking
– Valid for indoor and outdoor
– Configurable detection areas
– Customizable interactive buttons
– Format form adapted to application and deployment environment
– Version with event-bases GPS positioning
– Alarms and notifications
– Low power consumption, years of autonomy
– Remote configuration
– Interoperable and scalable 


Production capabilities

1,000-10,000 items

Business cases

Cold chain management

 Temperature and humidity monitoring solution to allows for cold chain management in food transportation and industrial kitchens in order to ensure products optimal conditions.


Food delivery by hypermarkets is usually externalized. Cold chain is key to ensure the quality and right conditions of the products, from supplier to customer. Because of this, refrigerated trucks need driver’s attention and care to maintain a proper temperature for the products.  


sensblocks devices are spatially distributed on trucks to gather insights of the current state in real time. Data is directly integrated to existing information management system so we can know who, when, where, and why, the cold chain has been broken.

Energy efficiency

Energy consumption patterns in buildings and offices.


In all business environments, there are scenarios in which large amount of energy is wasted:  

  · Air conditioning while open doors or windows. 

  · Lights turned on in warehouses during weekends or holidays. 

  · Extraction systems working off the clock. 

  · Office equipment turned on during the night...

These facts implies a high cost for the companies.


Non-intrusive current monitoring to determine patterns in the use of energy by the users in their work places, building areas and offices. It allows for detecting energy leaks and establishing training and awareness campaigns to achieve better use of energy available resources in companies, by means of reducing consumption and billing.


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