ControlPark gives the authority the information on the location of overstaying vehicles. This way, agents’ work on-street is optimised and let them time to deal with other day-to-day activities.
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ControlPark is a smartphone application that you can find on the stores, AppStore and PlayStore, and download for free.  

When launched, it requires a username and a password. These will get you access to the area you’re allowed to manage. 

The agent is then located on a map, and has the information of state of the parking spaces around him that are equipped with the Proxima sensor: 

- Green points for available spaces 

- Yellow points for places that are occupied 

- Red points for overstaying vehicles on the spaces 

In addition, the agent can have a different view of the equipped spaces ordered as a list: 

- The nearest overstaying vehicles around him are on top of the list (option n°1) 

- The vehicle that is parked since the longest time on top of the list (option n°2)  

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1,000-10,000 items

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Business cases

Control optimisation on time-limited parking

ControlPark gives the local authorities the information on the occupancy of the parking spaces that are equipped with Proxima sensors, and guide them through overstaying vehicles. 

Using the application, agents on-street know since how long is a car parked on a specific space, and can be alerted when an overstay is detected.  


Time-limited parking areas are made in order to improve turnover rate in these zones, often when local shops are nearby.  

This type of parking is therefore really interesting in order to provide an easy way for car drivers to come by and park in some location. 

Yet, its control is particularly complicated, and it’s really difficult for the authorities to insure that car drivers actually respect the time limitation.  


Using the mobile application ControlPark, on-street agents are aware of the localisation of overstaying vehicles, so they can go directly through vehicles that do not respect the law for parking. 

It permits to force the respect of the time-limit at first, therefore to insure an increase on the turnover rate, in order to create a parking area well used and shared by and for everybody.  


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