ParkiData presents to the parking administrator all the statistics that we can get from the parking sensor Proxima : real time occupancy, occupancy rate, turnover rate, medium parking duration.



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ParkiData is a web solution that can be used by parking administrators. 

It gives real time statistics on the parking area that is equipped by Proxima sensors, such as data that is kept since the sensors are functional.  

Features : 

“Tableau de bord” 

Map of your parking area, with different points of colour representing the spaces’ state: 

- Green point for an available parking place 

- Yellow point for an occupied parking space 

- Red point for an overstaying vehicle (when time-limited parking place) 


Presents different options and statistics. 

Options : 

- Choice in the period of time (yesterday, last week, last month) 

- Choice in the parking space you want to analyse (1 place, an area, all of them)

Statistics : 

- Occupancy detail 

- Turnover data 

- Occupancy data 

- Availability data 

- Irregular parking data 


List of the equipped parking places, that you can choose in order to get daily detail :

- Time of occupancy 

- Time of abuse (in case of time-limited parking) 

- Time of release 




Production capabilities

1,000-10,000 items

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Business cases

Traffic flow study

ParkiData gives the statistics of parking areas that are equipped with Proxima sensors. 

Using the solution, administrators are aware of how is their parking area used by car drivers. 


Administrators don’t have enough information on how car drivers use the parking space globally. Some areas are often available while other are jammed most of the time.  

Flow studies are expensive, and not that relevant because they only last one day, so there is a bias on this particular day.   


Using ParkiData, administrators can have all the information (data, statistics) they need to know in order to think globally their parking area. 

Solution such as ParkiData gives you accurate statistics thanks to the sensors on the parking spaces, for as long as the devices are installed. 

In addition, “Tableau de bord” in ParkiData gives the ability to a central person to manage authorities on-street, and to guide them through overstaying vehicles.  

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