Traffic and parking detection

Based on geomagnetic detection change the solution ( detector - cloud - open API - presentation layer) could provide end customer with transport relevant data


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The system in its basic form provides anonymous detection of parking bays occupancy for parking operators. The system serves for installation of detection technology that monitors the presence of vehicles on-line (parking bays occupancy, percentage of occupancy of a park site etc.). For parking system management it provides the possibility of a long term assessment, on the basis of continuous data collection, for the purposes of payment policy set-up or comparison and outnumbering of payment efficiency of existing parking system (payment terminals data) and smart parking system (data of real use of the parking space).

The extended system enables drivers to be navigated on free parking bays, pre-trip advice by a web application or on-trip advice by LED displays or a mobile application. Occupancy data can be offered to navigation devices providers or traffic data providers for development of services for travellers.

Another provided data with the firmware upgrade of the detector could be traffic flow census. 


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Production capabilities: 10,000-50,000 items

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