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Transform Together is a breakthrough and innovative solution to transform usage and management of your office spaces , making it more simple and effective for all.
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  More than ever, future is uncertain and complex. Business as usual no longer exist, digitization increases in an impressive way, and transform processes, collaboration and sharing.  That means office spaces should adapt too. They must be at once:   

  • Flexible to meet companies’ changing needs
  • Suited to employees’ day-to-day tasks
  • Attractive to talents 

Meeting all those challenges, in a world where company and employees needs are shifting constantly, means having software and systems that can boost your office space’ performance 

  It uses connected objects to combine without opposing :  

  • appropriation and sharing;
  • Space management and employees’ needs
  • Employees’  autonomie ans companie’s expectations

Our system collects and analyzes data using sophisticated algorithms that deliver more added value than anything else on the market.   The data are displayed in an easy-to-read format tailored to the needs of each type of user. And the data can be shared with other systems.    

  • HR managers can track for the 1st time indicators of working conditions related to work environment , and strike just the right balance with office-space optimization.
  • Employees      can view on their smartphones where are available spaces at a given moment, , according to their needs : concentrate, collaborate, isolate.. 
  • Site managers can get all the data they need, presented in the  format they choose.

Our system is designed for existing office buildings as well as construction , renovation or refurbishment projects, and is ultra-simple to implement.    

Transform Together can enhance your existing systems, making them more versatile. It doesn’t store any personal data.   What’s more, it’s economic. 

  Businesses today have to continuously innovate and boost productivity. You need simple, cost-competitive systems based on collective intelligence to anticipate and support changes, improve working conditions, and optimize office-space. continually smarter – and faster to improve agility, and efficiency . 

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 What do you really know about your building functions, its true occupation rate and whether it meet its occupiers’ needs? What indicators are available to measure the relevance and quality of the services you have signed up to? Do you know if the space you need are available in real time? 


 In today’s fast-paced world, your capacity to adapt is a key factor for success. Our solutions support change and help to make your buildings—and your entire organization—more agile. Our connected objects will boost your building’s performance and your employee well being   


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