Scrapital Waste Level Monitoring

Scrapital offers the possibility of knowing the percentage of waste that containers have.
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This solution integrates an electronic device and a web application that monitors the level of waste from containers.

Container information is sent through the sigfox network. 

With this  information, it is possible to generate significant savings to waste  collection companies and cleaning departments of cities or  municipalities.


Production capabilities

1-100 items

Business cases


RIISA is a company in México, they place large containers in industrial parks in the center of the country, to collect industrial waste from different companies.


When a container is  filled the customer usually calls to inform, however when this happens,  it is necessary to schedule a collection route, unfortunately sometimes  the container has overflowed and the customer is annoyed.

The  route programming process is not done automatically, the routes are  scheduled according to the available infrastructure and the priority of  each collection.


Placing  the Scrapital sensor, the company's personnel can know the percentage  of waste that each container has, in addition to its location, with this  information, the company can anticipate its client, avoiding overflows,  offering a more efficient service.

In addition,  with the platform you can create routes automatically and intelligently,  which will reduce fuel times and costs, as well as knowing your  installed capacity.

You can program routes and you can send the information to the operators to follow a more optimal route.


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