CheckFox 2.0 RC3

Instant autonomous universal Sigfox coverage measurement device.
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Countries adapted for RC3

SamplesCommercially available - est. Jul, 2019
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CheckFox is a revolutionary device that is critical for any mass scale Sigfox deployment. 
It combines Sigfox with advanced GPS, WiFi sniffing, logging, and backend and communicates instantly both ways via 2G/3G GSM. In this way, you can retrieve and display local Sigfox coverage within seconds. And you can easily process and evaluate all the measurements. For more details please see the device datasheet and other documentation.

What’s New in 2.0 Version

  • Mechanically sturdier and better built
  • Higher water resistance
  • WiFi sniffing possible – can be used instead of the GPS for precision
  • Newly added field installation mode
  • 10 EUR prepaid worldwide data SIM card included


  • Small / water resilient / water and dustproof independent box
  • Highly energy-efficient, long-lasting Li-Pol battery, rechargeable through USB-C
  • Highly readable, backlit, low power display
  • Contains SIM card, GPS, accelerometer, and others


  • Assembly language programmed to be robust, quick, cheap and low power
  • Over the air upgradable
  • Intuitive interface/no printed manual needed


  • Organization, branch, user, test run rights management in CheckFox Dashboard
  • Google SSO, real cloud hosting/security/availability
  • Remote management of the CheckFox devices 

Detailed product info find here.

Blog post, which explains why do we all need to use CheckFox, you can find here

Watch our webinar about CheckFox, its unique features, and why it is an important tool for you.

Access documentation here – datasheet, user guide, payload description, dashboard instructions

Downloadable resources
  • checkfox datasheet no price V3_03-2019.pdf

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Not certified yet


Actionable data


SamplesCommercially available - est. Jul, 2019
We can provide commercial support in the following countries

Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, United States

Production capabilities

+50,000 items

Dedicated process to purchase connectivity

Customers need to use their own Sigfox connectivity for the operation of the device. 

A 10 EUR prepaid global SIM card is included.

Where to buy ?

This product is available through distributors.

Warranty duration

12 month(s)


EXW – Ex Works

Technical Details

Product casing

Dimensions (in mm): 146 x 88 x 25

Weight: 252gr



Mandatory - Internal


Mandatory - Internal

Wi-Fi positioning system

Mandatory - Internal



Dedicated - External

Type: Custom




Battery life: 10 Years

Battery type: Rechargeable (usb, charger, etc...)

Embedded Software

Flashable Firmware: No

External antenna

A connector for an external antenna is available


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