Coffee machine monitoring with SimplePack

Monitoring you coffee machines and coffee consumption with SimplePack.
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Read more about our coffee machine monitoring project across the Sigfox network worldwide here

How does it work?

The vibration monitoring works in such a way that we sample vibration each second, we count 0 and 1 within 255 seconds and form a value of one byte. We combine 10 bytes together into one Sigfox message. So we send a message every 255×10 seconds that are each 42.5 minutes.  In case there is no vibration (e.g. during the night) we don’t send any message in order to save Sigfox messages and battery life. We can say precisely how many seconds the machine was working and the lowest “resolution” in this case is 255 secs. The sensing period can be shortened or prolonged via downlink for different use cases.

4 reasons why coffee machine monitoring is a great business case:

  1. Coffee bean suppliers want to lock customers into their brands. So by giving away SimplePack free of charge that monitors the consumption, they can deliver the right amount at the right time
  2. The office manager can monitor real coffee consumption so that coffee supplies are not (e.g. by cleaning services or even staff!)
  3. The duration of vibrations can distinguish between coffee preparation or the cleaning program so the office manager can be notified if the machine is not maintained properly
  4. There is a button that can display the Coffee bean brand and this can serve as a re-ordering button.

Battery life with different versions of SimplePack

SimplePack 2.0 ~ 1 year battery life

SimplePack 3.0 Plus ~ 3 years battery life

SimplePack 3.0 Plus Advanced Edition we are aiming at ~ 5 years battery life

How else can the "Monitor me" mode can be used?

This ‘Monitor me’ mode can be used for office chair monitoring, fridge compressor monitoring, any engine monitoring. The sampling intervals can be shortened or prolonged very simply by downlink

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Commercially available

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We can provide commercial support in the following countries

Oman, South Africa, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland

Production capabilities

+50,000 items

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