WiFi pet tracking with SimplePack 4.0 Plus WiFi Tracker

WiFi animal tracking, defining precise location with SimplePack 4.0 Plus device and IOFrog.com platform.
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Wifi Pet/ Animal Tracking

Never lose your pet, always know the location and monitor the condition. The SimplePack 4.0 WiFi Tracking is a perfect solution for pet tracking/ monitoring. Why?

  • Tracks a pet's movements
  • Alerts about temperature change
  • Real-time tracking/ Long-term tracing history
  • Small form-factor - size: 81 x 29 x 12mm
  • Non-rechargeable, non-replaceable long-lasting battery - 30 000 messages

*the number of messages and battery longevity in years was taken from some testing we've done with the SimplePack (both versions) - the devices were in the Guard me mode and were not sending more 140 messages/day (Sigfox daily limit). For more info read here.

  • Open and documented API (can be found right here)
  • Nice, small, waterproof case
  • Official IP68 water and dust resistance rating

The hardware

SimplePack 4.0 Plus WiFi tracker is a multi-sensor Sigfox IoT device that can be used to track, trace and guard your assets. Usage scenario: Well known routes and timings, not critically sensitive to work and to switch to proper time zone with border crossing. The additional Wi-Fi sniffing allows for more precise localization of the device, which is very helpful in warehouses and in every situation that requires knowing the exact position.

The precision

Despite its inability to upload and download any data via WiFi, it sniffs out available WiFi networks and router MAC addresses. The MACs are then sent as payload through Sigfox and processed. This means that you can track anything with a precision of 3-10 meters* using Google public network mapping services to locate MAC addresses and the device. Want to learn more about precision? Read more here

IoT platform


Commercially available

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We can provide commercial support in the following countries

Iran, Islamic Republic Of, Oman, Reunion, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland, South Africa, Malta, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Italy

Production capabilities

+50,000 items

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