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Sensoneo provides smart enterprise-grade waste management solutions for cities and businesses to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle and improve the environment and well-being of people.
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SamplesCommercially available - est. Jan, 2023

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 Waste monitoring solutionSensoneo provides smart enterprise-grade waste management solutions for cities and businesses to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle and improve the environment and well-being of people.  Through its unique smart waste management technology, Sensoneo is redefining the way waste is managed.

Sensoneo Waste Monitoring solution allows cities and businesses to uncover and finally understand the complex dynamics of their waste production.

Waste Monitoring solution combines Smart Sensors, Smart Waste Management System and Citizen App. The Smart Sensors use ultrasound technology to measure the fill levels in bins and containers several times a day and send the data to the Smart Waste Management System, a powerful cloud-based platform, via the Internet of Things (Sigfox, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, GPRS) providing cities and businesses with data-driven decision making, and optimization of waste collection routes, frequencies and vehicle loads, bin distribution resulting in overall waste collection cost reduction by at least 30% and carbon emission reduction up to 60% in cities

01 Understand the dynamics of waste production

02 Collect only full bins and containers

03 Adjust bin capacity and distribution

04 Eliminate overflowing bins

05 Provide a better quality of service

06 Face growing demands on waste


Want to see live data?

Would you like to see our solution in action with live data? Schedule a call with a member of our sales team to learn more about Sensoneo and our solution. We are looking forward to learning more about what you need. Reach out at info@sensoneo.com. 

Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors are designed for monitoring fill level in bins and containers using ultrasonic technology. Sensors transfer data via all currently available IoT networks and/or GPRS. Sensors monitor all types of waste in bins and containers of different sizes. They are robust, water and shock-resistant. Fire alarm, tilt recognition, GPS and other features are included.

Smart Waste Management System

The powerful cloud-based platform enables the customer to configure, monitor and manage daily waste management. In addition, to live data from Waste monitoring, the tool can also hold complex bin database, plan the optimal collection routes, predict filling cycles, and manage reports from employees and citizens. The solution is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. 

Citizen app

Citizens app provides access to data from Smart Sensors to citizens. The mobile app informs about the location and fill level of monitored bins and enables you to find the nearest available bin or report an issue. Logged users can access even more information about the bins, request a pickup or maintenance. Available for free on Android and iOS.


Sensoneo is very proud of its unique know-how and exceptional expertise in the field of smart waste management, which is a result of our profound experience in software development, managing large and complex IT projects, electronic engineering and hardware design. Our inhouse R&D brings to the waste management market top-quality innovations leading to tangible and valuable benefits. The company currently operates in more than 80 countries thanks to the network of its technology and business partners. Sensoneo holds several recognitions and awards – Sensoneo is the first commercial Narrowband IoT deployment in the United States, and in 2019, the company was recognized as one of the top 3 CEE scale-ups.  

Downloadable resources
  • Datasheet_Single Sensor 3.0_2020.pdf
  • Datasheet_Quatro sensor_2020.pdf
  • Datasheet_Single-sensor-5.0_short-version_updated.pdf
  • Sensoneo brochure A5 October 2022 compressed.pdf

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SamplesCommercially available - est. Jan, 2023
We can provide commercial support in the following countries

Iran, Islamic Republic Of, Oman, Reunion, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico

Production capabilities

10,000-50,000 items

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Business cases

Nitra town

Nitra now saves up to 30% on the waste collection costs thanks to the Sensoneo solution. 


Company description

NKS - Waste management services of Nitra (98 employees) is a modern supplier of waste management services who regularly updates its fleet of waste collection vehicles, centralizes the container stands by using large-capacity and semi-underground bins, and intends to optimize its processes to minimize the cost and environmental impact by the deployment of smart technologies.

  • 48,500 Tons of waste collected
  • 23,500 Containers under NKS management
  • 150,000+ Inhabitants live in the area that NKS manages

Problem description

An Instant increase of large capacity & semi-underground bins motivated NKS to implement a solution that would maximize the benefits of these types of containers. NKS has also set other goals that would enable them to manage their waste more effectively and efficiently: 

  1. Identification of opportunities to reduce the costs related to fueling vehicle wear and working hours 
  2. Avoiding collection of empty and half-empty containers 
  3. Elimination of an excessive environmental footprint  



1.step:  Smart Sensors and Smart Waste Management System

In march 2015, we installed the first 130 ultrasonic IOT Smart Sensors to monitor the levels of waste in the semi-underground bins. The sensors are manufactured by Sensoneo, and are built to the highest standards to ensure 100% functionality and security. Having verified the functionality and the benefits of sensors, NKS decided to expand the pilot project in 2 additional stages in 2016 and 2017 and also installed sensors in their glass containers.

  • 134 Sensors monitoring semi-underground bins
  • 192 Sensors monitoring containers for glass

The data from Smart Sensors is processed and stored in the Smart Waste Management System power by Sensoneo. In addition to the overview of actual waste levels, the tool provides semi-automated planning of optimal collection routes along with different types of statistics, reports and predictions.

2. step: Smart Analytics

The data acquired from Smart Sensors are further processed and evaluated to enable the client to truly understand the waste they manage. Thanks to Smart Analytics, client sees in very detail how specific parts of the city are producing waste - how much and how fast, what is the ratio between separates and general waste, what is the average level of the waste and how effciently they use bins and collection routes. Client is thus able to wisely plan capacity, ratio and location of the bins based on real data.


 Nitra now saves up to 30% on the waste collection costs thanks to the Sensoneo solution.  

Thanks to deployment of the Sensoneo solution, NKS was able to significantly decrease the number of collection routes and so to save the costs related to fueling, vehicle wear and working hours. Sensoneo identifies the containers which need to be collected and suggests the optimal collection routes. As a result, NKS is collecting only those containers which really require to be emptied. Thanks to this approach, NKS do not unnecessarily block the streets with the waste collection vehicles and eliminates the environmental footprint of the waste collection process.

On the other hand - thanks to the monitoring system - the company is able to act quickly in case of a sudden fulfilment of the containers. The citizens thereby benefit from clean city free of litter and constant availability of containers with suffcient free capacity. As a long-term goal, NKS plans to install another volume of sensors to monitor small bins placed in the city centre area and would like to implement another Sensoneo service – Smart Route Planning, which would enable the management of waste with the focus on the highest eciency, waste type and vehicle type. The intelligence includes fleet, depot and landfill management.

For more information on Case study visit sensoneo.com/references.


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